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ATLANTIC BLUEWATER'S range of products and services fall into the categories as stated below. All of these core business areas relates to drilling activities at the interface between the drilling contractor's rig and the operator's well

  • Cold Cutting (External & Internal Cut and Bevel Capabilities).
  • Casing Threading (Machining or Repairing Insitu all types of API Tapered Buttress or Rounded make up threads on Casings 4-1/2 — 9 5/8")
  • Corroded Xmas Tree Bolt Change-outs.
  • Slot Recovery (drilling and pinning of portion of the slot recovery, as well as cutting the conductor into manageable sections capabilities).
  • Wellhead Welding Activities — Conductor Pipes & Base Plates.

ATLANTIC BLUEWATER has the manpower and equipment to cut & bevel casings/conductors (topside & underwater) onshore/offshore Nigeria. We hold the largest stock of cold Cutting/Beveling Machines in Nigeria. Our Partner- E.H. WACHS is the world's premier manufacturer of portable cold cutting and beveling machine tools. ATLANTIC BLUEWÅTER's cold cutting method is the safest means available to cut existing casing. No sparks or open flames are present at any time during the cutting & beveling process effectively eliminating the risk of ignition of contents. All our WACHS split frame cutting machines are portable, low profile requiring minimum operating clearances and lightweight- even the largest ring assembly is less than 100 lbs. Available in 6 ring sizes with interchangeable tool slides and machine drives to cut and bevel all wellhead casing grades, sizes and weights from 4-1/2" to 42" O.D.


Cut casing above or below the wellhead in less than 30 minutes.
ATLANTIC BLUEWATERs EICC multifunctional system, can cut and bevel a wide range of Casing above the Wellhead and below. Based on WACHS Low Clearance Split Frame Technology, the casing cutter splits to mount around the Casing O.D. above the wellhead. The Split Frame requires minimal axial and radial clearance. The EICC System mounts to the Split Frame rotating ring to cut/bevel casing below the Wellhead at various depths. The EICC can cut casing above or below Wellhead in less than 30 minutes. EICC System offered are: 7to 9 -5/8 "System 10 to 13 -3/8" System


With the addition of our new MIRAGE MACHINE MM300CT Casing Threading Machine, we now offer on-site machining or repairing insitu all types of API tapered buttress or rounded make up threads on casings (4-1 /2-9 5/8”)

On-Site Machining

ATLANTIC BLUEWATER can also provide a suite of tooling compatible with its cold cutting machines to enable on-site machining services including; skimming of casings, flange facing and cutting of API/ ANSI ring type seal profiles. Our flange facing process eliminates flange replacement, minimized downtime, reclaim scrap flanges etc. Whether you need a gramophone finish raised or flat surfaces, API/ ANSI ring type seal profiles on wellhead flanges, we can help. With the ability to service on-site, at your convenience, from 0 mm to 3050mm widths, you can't think anyone else but ATLANTIC BLUEWATER. Should an application arise, that cannot be undertaken by standard tooling we can design and supply specialist equipment. Bring us your toughest application - we probably have a machine for it.


ATLANTIC BLUEWATER have the expertise and equipment to performed the drilling and pinning portion of any slot recovery process, as well as cutting the conductor into sections, as it being pulled out of the slot. The sections can be cut into manageable sections, so the facilities crane would lift and lay down the section. The lengths usually varied by well because the cranes weight rating changed at different radius intervals from the crane's pedestal.

Steps to Job Completion
  • ATLANTIC BLUEWATER technical team will conduct an extensive job planning and analysis of lifting load capacity and dynamic factors to ensure safe recovery of the conductors without damaging the platform.
  • Prior to commencing slot recovery operations, divers will be required to remove marine growth around conductor pipe at the proposed subsea cut section (4 to 6ft above mud line) to allow clear access for installing the DPD & DWS to the conductor pipe.
  • The Dual Pin Drill is mounted on the tubular member by the dive team in position for each drill by suspending using the platform crane. ATLANTIC BLUEWATERs Dual Pin Drill is designed to drill holes up to 6" in diameter.
  • The Dual Pin Drill is mounted on the tubular member by the dive team in position for each drill (drilling of 2 x 4" or 2 x 6" opposing holes through the conductor) by suspending it Using the platform crane. ATLANTIC BLUEWATERI s Dual Pin Drill is designed to drill holes up to 6" in diameter.
  • ATLANTIC BLUEWATERIs Diamond Wire Saw (selected based on conductor size- D WS 361 6/ DWS5230/DWS1604) will be placed by the dive team in position for each cut by suspending the saw using the platform crane
  • As each conductor is removed, ATLANTIC BLUEWATER will have its dual pin drill (DPD), set up on the production deck of the platform and the DWS on top of a pulling unit. This set up allowed ATLANTIC BLUEWATER to simultaneously drill and cut each section of pipe at the same time, increasing the efficiency of the operation.