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Why It's Important to Calibrate Safety Valve Testing Equipment

Your safety valve testing equipment is an essential component of your service. Whether you’re in charge of testing pressure relief valves in your facility, or you run a valve test and repair service for a range of clients in manufacturing and industrial spaces, you rely on your safety valve testing equipment. But the accuracy and reliability of your results are only as good as your equipment and its calibration. Been some time since your system has been calibrated? Here’s why it’s important to make sure you have that safety valve testing equipment calibrated soon: 

01. Safety Valve Testing Equipment Calibration is Required by Law

If for no other reason, you should be calibrating your safety valve testing equipment regularly because it’s required by law. Equipment testing requirements can vary based on the type of system you’re using as well as by industry and location. It’s important to check the guidelines outlined in ASME code and the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors to ensure your equipment is in compliance.

Most codes and regulating bodies require that the test equipment owner is responsible for verifying that safety valve testing equipment is in compliance and in condition for use. Proper calibration is a key component of verifying that condition for use, and so should be completed according to code requirements, typically on an annual time frame.  

02. To Verify That Your Safety Valve Test Equipment is Operational

Your safety valve test equipment is a major component of what you do. If your valve technicians are unable to perform their jobs properly, you lose time, money and the trust of your customers. You want to know that when you send your valve technicians out to the field, they’ll be able to complete testing accurately and in a timely fashion. If your valve testing equipment hasn’t been calibrated and verified in good condition for use, your technicians miss out on billable hours, and your clients receive poor service.

03. To Guarantee the Accuracy of the Results

Whether your company tests pressure relief valves for clients or uses safety valve testing equipment to test valves in your own facility, regular, proper calibration ensures that you’re getting accurate results, And accurate results mean properly functioning, safe facilities. If your valve testing equipment is unable to deliver accurate test results, you are putting your facility — and those in it — at risk by failing to properly inspect and verify the condition of your safety relief and pressure relief valves. 

What’s more, regular calibration means you can be confident in your results. When your system is calibrated and shown to deliver accurate results, you and your clients can have the utmost confidence that the results your tests are showing are correct and can be trusted. 

What’s the Best Way to Calibrate My Safety Valve Testing Equipment?

There are a number of ways to calibrate safety valve test equipment, especially depending on the type of equipment you use. Regardless of make or model, however, it’s best practice to run a complete system calibration

In a complete system calibration, sensors are calibrated with the safety valve testing equipment they are used with. In a well-calibrated, accurate safety valve testing system, sensors are dedicated to one system, rather than shared among multiple systems. This ensures every system is properly calibrated to deliver accurate results you can be confident in.  

Where Can I Get My Safety Valve Testing Equipment Calibrated?

Safety valve testing equipment service and maintenance can seem overwhelming, especially if your company owns multiple systems to complete valve testing for a number of clients. 

Make safety valve testing equipment calibration fast and easy — take a look at the AccuTEST system. Our team offers quick turnaround time on all calibration services, so you’re never without your valve testing equipment for long. The AccuTEST inline valve testing system also offers a robust service plan beyond just calibration, where our expert operators can offer remote support, or turn around system repairs and regular maintenance service in as little as two days. 

And if you already have a safety valve testing system, but don’t have access to regular, fast, comprehensive support, be sure to check out our trade-in program! We’ll take any system, new or old, and offer a discount on the most up-to-date AccuTEST technology, complete with our signature service plan. Have questions? Give the AccuTEST team a call at 616-394-1401 or contact us online today.