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ATLANTIC BLUEWATER have in-country CARBER state-of-the-art pipe isolation and weld test tools. The CARBER tools have been used in the North American refining and petrochemical industry for more than 20 years and are recognized as the best technology available. We have the support of CARBER’s & E.H WACHs technical resources to help determine solutions and test situations including the design and manufacture of custom isolation and test tools.

Our Isolation Service provides a better way to isolate pipes for hot-work than traditional methods. The patented CARBER & WACHs isolation tool safely isolates a line for hot-work, guaranteeing safe keeping of property, equipment and personnel by creating a proven 100% positive pressure vapor barrier against residual contents in the pipe.

ATLANTIC BLUEWATER technicians are ready to isolate your lines to make your hot-work project safe, allowing your project to be done quickly, at a lower cost and significantly reduced risk when compared to traditional methods.

Isolation benefits:

  • Ability to monitor seal and ensure safety of hot-work
  • Triple vapor barriers: one is positively pressured.
  • Vent upstream activity safely away from hot-work.
  • Vent gauge to monitor upstream activity.
  • Pressure restraining capability in the event of upstream pressurization.
  • Our Isolation Service eliminates much of the prep-work associated with a tie in such as:
    • Numerous blinds/scaffolds can be eliminated
    • Extensive steaming and cleaning can be eliminated as lines do not need to be 100% gas free.
  • Can be installed under supplied air: supplied air not required while isolation is in place.